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How to make slime!

I know there are loads of fun slime recipes out in pinterest land–but I wanted to show our tried and true recipe on how to make slime that always yields awesome gooey ooey slime!

And it’s pretty easy DIY!

How to make the best slime

    • 1 bottle of Elmer’s glue (7.625 ounces) you can use colored/glitter glue
    • water
    • Food coloring (optional)
    • glitter (optional)
    • Borax or this activator 
    • shaving cream


I’ve adapted my recipe –so it’s a little different than the video down below!

You mix 1 bottle of white Elmer’s glue food coloring and glitter (both optional) Easy on the glitter because too much and it will just get everywhere as you play with the slime!  You can add a couple squirts of shaving cream…this makes it fluffier!


Then in another bowl you will mix 1 cup water with 2 tablespoon borax. Then you will slowly mix in the borax into the glue. You won’t use it all–I just add one spoonful at a time until it starts sticking together enough for you to grab it and knead it. If you add all the borax…it won’t stretch. My daughter has watched so many youtube videos and she has learned that if it isn’t gooey or stretchy enough for you–you can add some lotion!

(you can easily half this recipe for the smaller glue bottle!)

Some people are scared of using borax–They have heard horror stories. We have had NO problems with it. We don’t touch the slime until the borax is mixed in!


I made a quick little video! Do you spot my face in the reflection?!


Seriously so fun to play with! It’s a perfect combination of gooey and still sticks together enough to get it off your hands.

Slime FAQs

If you are using food coloring–and use too much-it will stain your hands (and I would assume clothes too!) You need to only add a few drops to prevent it!

This recipe of slime comes out of clothes pretty well–It’s washable elmer’s glue–so I throw it in the laundry by itself and it has come out pretty well.

We store the slime in old Tupperware containers. You can also store in a storage bag.

We have pretty STRICT rules about slime. Onl in the kitchen…never on carpet. NO HAIR!

There is another recipe that isn’t as gooey See it here:

Check out this post to see other fun slime recipes! 

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