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How to make a doll bed

My daughter got a doll for Christmas (an American Girl doll knock off from Target because….$115 for a doll?) nope.


Anyways. I was WELCOMED into the world of every doll accessory, outfit, and furniture. And me…being me. (aka cheap) I instantly was trying to talk my daughter into the diy route–“It’s more fun” I said. “You can pick whatever colors you want” I said. “Painting will be involved” I said.

I should have just bought a $25 bed.


But it turned out pretty cute. and it’s made out of a cardboard box! So it’s was pretty dang cheap!


We made it right after Christmas…so we had plenty of Amazon boxes to choose from. Found one that was long enough for the doll to fit on. And we hot glued the it closed. Then grabbed another box and cut out 1 back and 2 sides. You can make a four poster bed with dowels or┬ájust a headboard. We are going for a day bed look.

She painted the boards (front and back. WE made them long enough to cover the sides of the box…so we didn’t actually paint the box at all. Just these panels.

Then hot glued them onto the sides of box!

Added some fabric to the top of the box (hot glued it on!)

and even hot glued a “dust ruffle” on. The ruffle is made using THIS tutorial.


Add some fun pillows (sewn by my daughter) a blanket and a little “mattress pad” Two pieces of fleece with some batting in the middle.

The fabric was the only thing we spent money on!


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