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Earring Holder

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Throwback Thursday is these earring holders! Now I hesitantly link to this…because the photos are AWFUL. I am not being modest and trying to pretend like they are bad when I know they look great. They are legit bad. horrible. One of my very first blog posts and it seriously just makes me cringe.

but the basic idea is something I’ve used over and over again! They are simple and you can make them in any color or style to fit any bedroom! They are a perfect TWEEN gift! 

You will need a fun frame! Hit  up the thrift store for big fun decorative ones! You don’t need glass in it –so the frames that don’t have glass at the thrift store are always way cheaper!

And you need some Plastic craft mesh 

Just trim down the mesh to fit in the frame! and hot glue all around the edges! (alllll around the edges!)

So fun! Let’s say you grab a big frame for $2 at the thrift store. the mesh is $1. Add some paint for $1–You can have a fun craft night with the girls to make these for under $5! 

When I was at hobby lobby they had a whole bunch of fun colored mesh! (as well as AMAZON)

but I’ve spray painted the mesh before and as long as the spray paint has plastic on the bottle it should be good to go!

So color options are ENDLESS!


These frames have actually made their rounds around the house!

Totally different colors….but do you spy them on my daughter’s wall?

I added some fabric right on top of the frame! 


If you are looking for some awesome cheap earrings check out THIS POST!

I also love this metal earring holder from Sugar bee Crafts!

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