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Upcycle two shirts into one!

You know when you get an idea for a shirt in your head…and you can’t get it out? That is where this blog post is coming from!  two shirts into one amazing diy I wanted a camo and striped shirt… mixed  somehow. Keep in mind I live in a small town with only a few select places to buy fabric…and the knit fabric selection being pretty sparse. I couldn’t find any camo….and only a few weird stripes.


Then I was wandering around Walmart and stumbled up on a camo shirt in the men’s section–LIGHTBULB moment! I immediately swerved my giant candy filled cart over to the woman’s section to find something with stripes…..and ding ding ding! We had a winner!

two big shirts I bought the camo one as close to my size as possible…it was a little bigger than I liked.  before I put it on inside out and pinned how much I wanted to take off on each side.  pin up sides to make fitted

and snipped off the sleeves. cut off sleeves

I use the old sleeves as guide to make new sleeves. I wanted my sleeves more fitted and not as long so I trimmed it a little bit smaller.  (I bought the striped shirt as BIG as I could…I knew I was only using a little bit of fabric–so I figured if I bought it big I would have enough scraps to do something else with it! ) follow sleeves guide

I cut the sleeves out of the bottom seam of the shirt so I didn’t have to finish the edge of my sleeve. #becauseimlazy

cut sleeves

Then I sewed it all up. The fun part about making it for yourself is that I sew…and try on. and there are always little nips and tucks that I need to take in. Shorten the sleeves…take in around the waist etc.

sew up sleeves

Some people have asked me if I could sew stuff for them…and since I totally just wing it and have to try things on as I go….I only can do it if you sit right next to me and try it on repeatably.  fun shirt that you can make

Anyways…I loved how it turned out!!!
love this fun shirt upcycle
shirt diy

I even made one from a wolf shirt I found in the little boy’s section at walmart! mix and match wolf shirt diy


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