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Hit the grinch game–Perfect for classroom parties!

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I’m an activity days leader for my church. I.E. 12 girls ages 8 and 9 are mine for an hour to entertain. TODAY was the day…and this morning was the morning to whip up a fun Christmas game to play! (cause last minute is how I roll)
hit-the-grinch-a-fun-christmas-game and I’m not going to lie. These grinch balloons are my favorite thing EVER!  fun-grinch-balloons

Here is what you will need:

I actually had a balloon time Helium tank sent to me for a blog post….and I LOVED having it. I found so many fun uses for balloons. It was so fun to tie one to a present …or tie to a door knob on someone’s birthday. Or even when little kids came over. #crazyballoonlady Anyways I finally ran out of helium….so I ended up buying another one!  balloon-time It’s just a matter of turning the knob and then putting the balloon on nozzle and pushing the nozzle over to the side to fill.  fill-up-balloon Tie off and add some baker’s twine. Then it’s face time! I originally thought of doing vinyl on the whole thing…but too much vinyl weighs it down–so I opted to do just yellow eyes (got the vinyl from Expressions Vinyl) and then used a black permanent marker to draw it all in!  vinyl-and-marker-for-grinch-face eyeballs

I have the balloon tucked between my legs to keep it stable!  grinch-eyes

I love you mr. Grinch.
balloon I got smart and tied them all to a long dowel so I could easily transport it. tie-to-long-dowel Then grabbed a nerf gun!  fun-grinch-game


The fun part is when you shoot the nerf at the balloon (it won’t pop the balloon fyi!) But if you hit it square on then the nerf bullet bounces way far off! And if you hit it on the side it goes spinning!  shoot-the-grinch-game We had a blast playing it this afternoon!  shoot-the-balloons Each girl got one round of 6 bullets. I put a piece of painter’s tape on the floor for them to stand behind!  balloon-shoot I know some people are anti guns…so You could use a styrofoam ball  as a  snowball to toss and hit them!

snowball a-perfect-game-for-classroom-parties-for-christmas

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