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The Candy Came game!

I’ve got a super fun and easy (ie hardly any prep) game to play this Christmas! All you need is a whole lot of CANDY CANES! (see…easy prep!)

I’ve got a video below…..but the basic idea is this:

Each person has one minute to see how many candy canes they can hook onto the candy cane in their mouth and put in the bowl (or box or bag) next to them.

Here are a few rules guidelines:

A. You can only touch the candy cane in your mouth to fix it from falling out (away from the table) Other then that…NO HANDS.

B. NO using your face to slide candy canes to the edge of the table.

C. IF you hook 2 candy canes at a time…totally aokay!

D. Before each person starts you will need to “fluff up” the pile of candy canes. you can’t pick up a candy cane that is laying flat on the table. You need to have them piled up (that is why you need quite a few!)

E. The candy cane you use goes in your mouth…so after your turn (if you are only playing one round) you can eat that candy cane (don’t put it back in the pile. Cause ew.)

F. Smaller kids adaption: Hold the candy cane in your hand and try to snag as many candy canes as you can.


The first time around it was hilarious. So much awkardness trying to figure out your routine. The second round they got a lot more candy canes (I think 8 in one minute was our number to beat)

candy-cane-game-062 It’s fun because adults and kids can both play and have a blast!  funniest-christmas-game

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