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NO slip Dish towel!

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My Grandma has been making these no slip dish towels for awhile now –I have a whole collection! She actually crochets some (but that is a skill she hasn’t passed down to her granddaughter…yet)  no-slip-dish-towel-a-girl-and-a-glue-gun

Anyways…I wanted to show you guys how BRILLIANT they are for awhile…and then the other day at Walmart I snagged some dish towels from the Pioneer woman line and the tutorial was born!

I don’t know if you have seen the Pioneer woman stuff….but I BIG HuGE PUFFY heart the whole lot of it!  picmonkey-collage You need a dish towel and a pot holder for this–

I decided to go with this color combo!  easy-kitchen-sew-project Open up the dish towel and run a big loose stitch across the middle (don’t back stitch)  run-a-lose-stitch You will pull the thread on the back to gather it to the width of the pot holder.
gather-fabric Lay the pot holder matching center of it to the center of the gathers. Pin and sew in place.  pin-on-top-piece The pot holder I bought came with a little tab to hang it up….I bent the pot holder in half and pushed the tab over to the other side to see where to place to the button sew-on-a-button

and sew it on!  no-slip-dish-towel

Now you can just button it on the stove handle or fridge handle and you won’t have to constantly be picking it up off the floor or my favorite it is when they just toss it on top of the stove. Gee. Thanks.  attach-to-oven easy-sew-no-slip-dish-towel


I actually put one in my kids bathroom for sanity purposes!

You can pair it with a levi apron


or a potato bag! baked-potato-bag-make-the-softest-and-yummiest-baked-potatoes-right-in-your-microwave-900x1350

Do you spy the dish towel in my fun wedding gift basket? wedding-or-home-gift-basket-idea

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