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Gilmore girl inspired funny shirts!

I am literally just trying to get through Thanksgiving so I can watch the gilmore girls on Friday on Netflix! Who is excited! I wanted to make me and my bff a new shirt to wear–but you know. I just CAN NOT DECIDE! So many great one liners.


That is what I love about those crazy girls…and kirk. and sooki. and babette. The whole crew really! What I love about these shirts is that unless you are a big fan of the Gilmores…you won’t get them. But everytime I read this shirt I picture Lorelei Winking.  awkward-winker

and I totally hear this in Luke’s voice.  hand-hold and look…even one you can wear during the holidays!  santa This one still makes me giggle! “I’m just not sure. I mean at first I looked in the mirror and I thought, well yes, definitely, huge improvement.  But then I thought maybe it’s not that I’m more beautiful today. Maybe I was just as beautiful yesterday, only I lacked the self-esteem to recognize it. “ beautiful So here you go…try to find a favorite! (and leave me a comment on what I should make for my t-shirt!) butt-face if-all-else-fails-you-can-marry-rich answer cake coffee cooper-boom dramatic early flexible flies 2b346aebcf7bf5f4d4ccc24645bfc0eb fries gilmore-girls gilmore haunted-leg idiot im-all-in mommy motorcycle mrs-kim my-moms-now-wearing-any-underwear no-cell-phones penal-system phone poodles-gilmore-girls pretty problems rune saturday sentence-doing snow solidarity-sister stupid tackles wtaste in-omnia-paratus koreans nothing-exciting pie pretty-stick super-cool-party-people

now…here’s the ultimate question. What team are you on?

team-logan team-jess team-dean

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