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How to make fake dry blood!

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A simple Halloween hack today–fake blood! I don’t know why I tend to like the more creepy decorations over the cutsie Halloween decorations!  how-to-make-fake-dry-blood


It’s ooey gooey LOOKING blood that isn’t ooey gooey at all. how to make fun and fake red blood for halloween and all you need is some red paint! (you could use THIS satin paint it will stay shiny after it dries) red blood Squirt out on a piece of wax paper and let dry. (it takes a while.) how to make fake blood for halloween When it’s dry you can add another layer of red paint to beef it up you want (as the paint dries it flattens out a little) Then peel off wax paper!

red paint

Add to some fake body parts for a fun creepy surprise! fake-blood Hand found at the dollar store!  fun-halloween-craft zombie-head-900x600

This would also be fun for an april’s Fools day–put a nail polish bottle by the spilled paint!

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