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Snapchat filter–puppy costume with free printable!

I have become obsessed with snapchat (follow me –GIRLANDAGLUEGUN) and my kids have been obsessed with the snapchat filters! They love them! I love the butterflies (hello…beauty filter!) but they love love love the puppies! I thought it would be fun to turn them into a cute free printable for that super quick costume for Halloween! Perfect for any teen (or adult like me!)


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snapchat-filter-puppy-costume-free-printable-perfect-for-halloween-teen-costume I just printed out the puppy (free printable below!) and I wanted to add the ears on a headband (but you could easily add bobby pins–So I left a little flap that you can bend up and hot glue onto the headband (and it just pulls right off when you are done!)
hot-glue-on-ears The nose was a little more tricky….I tried a couple things but the thing that worked best was a glue dot!¬†¬†Just attach a glue dot on your nose and attach the nose! It stays on until you are ready to take it off! teen-halloween-costume

The only problem we ran into was the tongue….It’s great for pictures but totally gets in the way of trying to talk…or eat. (Just added it to the lip with another glue dot!) the-best-halloween-printable

Here it the printable. Just right click and save to your computer and print from there! fun-puppy-filter-snapchat-halloween-costume

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