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Movie in the yard with 60 of our favorite family movies!

This summer I spring cleaned the storage room. (can it technically be called spring cleaned if it was done in the summer?)

Anyways…this room is my “Monica’s closet”monicas-closet1Except it’s a whole room. That is huge. and filled with everything I think I will ever need ever. plus Holiday decorations, extra bedding, old frames, a ping pong table, old decor, food storage, and basically everything I want to hoard.

And Husband made me clean it out (how rude…although I’m sure it was a health hazard) so I did and found two air mattresses in there. And I knew one had a hole. (and I kept it just in case) So I blew one up to see if it had a leak. And  then I decided to throw it outside so the kids could lay on it to watch a movie from my laptop (because sometimes I’m a cool mom) have-a-fun-movie-in-the-yard

It was so fun. (so even though this air mattress was the one with the hole I still kept it…because now I have a reason!) I just threw on a some fun blankets and pillows and set up the laptop with some speakers. It was right as the sun was setting (the screen had a glare so this definitely best for night time viewing!) I picked Goonies…because HELLO classic. And then as I was in and out I realized that it was pretty inappropriate! (gah! I hate that! although I still love goonies) So I wanted to share our top 60 FAVORITE FAMILY movies…that AREN’T Cartoons! (My husband doesn’t love watching cartoons-even though they are the best ever!) So these are all great movies that young to old will Love! My kids are 8-13 and this list is pretty much made by them. I put princess Bride (my favorite all time)  and they just filled out the rest! In no particular order…and these are old and new!60-of-our-most-favoritest-family-movies-that-arent-cartoons

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  1. The Princess Bride
  2. Jumanji
  3. Holes
  4. Newsies
  5. angels in the outfield
  6. Marley and Me
  7. Mrs Doubtfire
  8. matilda
  9. Mary Poppins
  10. Little Rascals
  11. The sandlot
  12. Night at the museum
  13. Honey I shrunk the kids
  14. Hook
  15. Willy Wonka
  16. Soul Surfer
  17. Napoleon Dynamite
  18. Ever After
  19. Indian in the Cupboard
  20. Mighty Ducks
  21. cool Runnings
  22. Wizard of Oz
  23. Labyrinth
  24. Beethoven
  25. Parent Trap
  26. Cheaper by the Dozen
  27. Scooby Doo
  28. Nanny Mcfee
  29. Annie
  30. enchanted
  31. The Blind Side
  32. Richie Rich
  33. The Pacifier
  34. Freaky Friday
  35. Spy Kids
  36. The Rookie
  37. Maleficent
  38. Dolphin Tale
  39. Back to the Future
  40. Guardians of the Galaxy
  41. Karate Kid
  42. Free Willy
  43. Princess Diaries
  44. Shaggy Dog
  45. A little princess
  46. The Game Plan
  47. Swiss Family Robinson
  48. Flubber
  49. Zathura
  50. Mr. Popper’s penguins
  51. Dunston checks In
  52. The secret garden 
  53. Tooth fairy 
  54. Black beauty
  55. The Problem Child
  56. Sky High
  57. E.T.
  58. Harry and the Hendersons
  59. Little Giants
  60. Troop Beverly hills
  61. Curly Sue



I didn’t include any Holiday ones…Because they deserved a roundup of their own! Click HERE to go to halloween movies!


Okay guys! What are your FAVORITE MOVIES???

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