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Glue gun cake toppers!

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Hey friends! The other day I decided to give Facebook live a try (Follow me here!) It was super fun and I’m totally addicted! I showed you how to make….. (those dots are supposed to represent a drum roll!)  cupcake toppers--made from hot glue

Hot glue cupcake toppers! Aren’t they fun!? You can spray paint…add confetti…  cupcake toppers or glitter! (Did you know they have EDIBLE GLITTER!!!)
make these fun glue toppers

They are super easy too! Just a matter of making a word or number or letter or design out of hot glue (I love these adtech glue pad! You can glue directly on it and it peels right up after it cools! It’s pretty cool! (I also use it to just leave my glue gun on to protect my surface!) hot glue craft


After it cools and is thick enough you do another coat and pour on glitter (or confetti) while it’s still sticky! Do this on a paper plate or you will have glitter stuck everywhere!

glitter and hot glue


If you want to use a fun phrase or font…you can print something out and just trace it with the hot glue!  copy a fun phrase hot glue party details

Then I add a little toothpick with hot glue to stick in your cupcakes! tooth picks glitter cupcake toppers

You can also trim up any little mistakes or glue gun strings with scissors! ! And the celebrate I just spray painted!

cake toppers for cheap

Check out this video for any questions!


And if you want to score yourself some yummy SCENTED hot glue sticks (yup…it’s a thing!) head HERE awesome party diy craft

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