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Printable Boredom Buster Kit (for your summer sanity!)

Listen friends. I love my kids. But summer gets me so stressed out! I work from home (doing this blogging thing !….but it is a ton of work) And I have this major guilt about not playing with the kids 24/7 (and they are usually the ones guilt tripping me!) Realistically…even if you aren’t a working from home mom…You STILL need a moments of “mom time”.

And guess what–? I have it for you! I have combined forces with 9 amazing bloggers to create a boredom buster kit! 10 Awesome activities for your kids to do this summer —and all you have to do is buy it and print it out! They do the rest of the work! buy this amazing pack of great printables--and enjoy some peace and quiet this summer! BOREDOM-BUSTERS-collage-1

It’s geared for ages 6-12–and it’s full of all sorts of different activities! The bird watching guide is so cute (and actually helps my son pass off a Scout achievement. birdy

The science Journal has amazing experiments that my kids LOVE! And everyone benefits from the cooking class (teaches kids to make my favorite treat!) RAINBOW

This doodle prompt is mine: doodle game

Full of 48 different squiggles and kids have to finish the picture! It’s so fun to give each person the same sheet and see all the different ideas they came up with! DOODLE


Make sure to click HERE to buy it! Think of all the time you are saving!–Instead of having to search on pinterest for hours…we have 10 (plus a few bonus sheets!) right here for you!

buy Here is a little more about each printable…(I promise…You could spend a whole day having fun with just ONE of these!) boredom-buster-collage-2

The Fill in the blanks are what my kids are playing around with right now! (they are like mad libs!) I can hear the kids laughing–and I’m sitting here working uninterrupted! WIN WIN WIN! FILL-IN


This one is the Creative writing cubes!
DSC_0116 ADVENTURE Alright guys! Head over to buy it! It will so be worth it!
fun printables to keep kids busy

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