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15 minute Father’s Day gift

I love anything that can be whipped up in a flash..and these adorable Father’s day tie pins are just that! Quick and easy on your end.

shrinky dink tie tack for father's day. Great kids craft that only takes 15 minutes

Your kids can actually choose to spend a long time decorating or drawing..but when it comes down to it …we whipped these out in less than 10! All part of this fun series:


Here is what you need: (affiliate links!)

Shrinky Dinks 

Tie Tack blanks 


A quick word about shrinky dink paper. They have fun little kits that come with jump rings and keychains and even colored pencils…and then they have packs of 50 for about the same price! So you can choose whatever suits you the best. Some of the shrinky dink packs have to be sanded so the one I linked to is a great amount of paper but is totally ready for you to put in the oven and shrink! No sanding required!


Okay. Let your kids decorate! If your man is into star wars, sports, superheros, what have you! color

The shrinky dink material is actually see through…so you can lay it over and trace if you wanted too!

trace a shrinky dink

and yes. My son has no shirt on. He’s a boy through and through.

Cut our around and put in a pan (I actually have an old pie tin that I use for all my crafting –sculpey, melting crayons etc!) Then melt in the oven (the best part!) (the back of the shrinky dink package will have temp instructions but we used the scraps from cutting around to test it!

shrinky dink shrink in oven

(Quick tip: Sometimes they curl up a tiny bit…I open the oven door and press them down while they are still hot so they stay FLAT!)

What I love about the shrinky dinks…is that when it shrinks the colors become even more vibrant!

and here is for scale. (and because it’s fun to see!)

shrinky dink before and after

Then just some epoxy to attach the backs to the shrinky dinks (drying time can vary but usually a few hours!)  tie tack for fathers day--kids diy

(I need to mention…We call my husband Captain inappropriate because he always says things that he shouldn’t (usually what everyone is thinking but no one wants to say out loud) This is the superhero my son drew of him! CI!–and this is my husband not taking my photo shoot serious…

gq captain america tie tack

tie tack for dads gift and you can also make these into a keychain if your dad isn’t a tie wearing dad! Just remember to punch a hole before shrinking! keychain shrinky dink for fathers day Thanks for reading! Make sure to check out HERE for more great father’s day ideas!  shrinky dink tie tacks for fathers day. Great gift for kids to diy and create!

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