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Article of Faith Scramble

This post may contain affiliate links! This weekend is General Conference for my church. (you can head here to read more about my church) But I know my kids can’t just sit there for 8 hours and watch–so I like to keep them busy! We have been really working on learning the articles of faith– So I thought it would be fun to make an article of faith scramble for them to work on while we listen!  articles of faith scramble. free printables to help learn! Great for general conference!


I did them all different colors so in case they all get mixed up together it isn’t a nightmare trying to decide what goes where. (and I like color so there’s that.) fun activity for general conference

Just print them out and cut apart. great lds church game

Mix them up and let the kids try to unscramble them!  fun lds activity to do on general conference or primary

If the kids are younger you can leave a couple words together to make it a little easier for them!

articles of faith game


And you could totally make them into file folders for on the go. fun file folder games for church Just colorful files…velcro tabs and  you can laminate the sheets for longer use! 


Grab the articles of faith printable here! 

articles of faith 1 article of faith 2 articles of faith 3 article of faith 4a article of faith 4b
article of faith 5a articles of faith 5b article of faith 6a articles of faith 6b article of faith 7 article of faith 8 article of faith 9a articles of faith 9b articles of faith 10 a article of faith 10 b
articles of faith 11 a articles of faith 11b articles of faith 12 article of faith 13 a article of faith 13 b article of faith 13c

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