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Rain Gutter planter

This post is #sponsored by The Home Depot. #DIHworkshop


Alright! I showed you what I was working on last Monday–It’s been so warm here that I was so excited to work on this project! It was so nice to be outside and spray paint and plant some flowers! Are you ready to see what I created…??

Here was the inspiration piece to start with: DIH_16_Hanging_Gutter_Beauty_Shot

And here is where I ended up: hanging rain gutter planter with herb garden

The best part is that the rain gutter is 10 feet long and only 3.98! That is so cheap! (so cheap in fact I’m working on a roundup of fun things to do with rain gutters!) And this planter is so fun because you can customize it with any color spray paint you want–and you can make them how long you want or even add 4 tiers! It makes a really pretty privacy divider!

gorgeous planter

Here’s my list of supplies:

1 vinyl rain gutter (I only used half of the 10 feet)

1 6inch wide common board

Rusteleom spray paint in Lagoon

Wood stain in Jacobean

Terra cotta pots




2 S hooks

2 screw eyes

I had my husband cut 2 pieces of rain gutter (mine are 32 inches long) and then one piece of common board ) also 32 inches. (Home Depot can cut them for you if you need!)  fun vinyl gutters

I added the end caps before I spray painted (next time I think I will leave them off and spray paint them separately and then attach them when they are dry! rain gutter end cap I used Rusteleoum spray paint to paint the rain gutter. This isn’t the best picture–but I wanted to show you that it’s best to do light coats instead of thick ones (even though sometimes impatience wins!)  spray paint


Then stain  for the piece of wood–but you could paint it as well! wood stain

I actually originally bought  pretty red pots at Home Depot (they have lots of awesome pots and planters there!)

But then I wanted to make them matchy matchy with my rain gutter so I ended up swapping them out for these terra cotta pots (they are less than a dollar a piece!) and gave them a shot of spray paint!

terra cotta pot painted These pots were my “herb garden” and since my green thumb is only green because I have spray paint on it… I needed to label the pots so I knew what herb was what! Just some Expressions Vinyl cut out and added to the pot with transfer tape! (Make sure the pot is completely dry!) Add transfer tape peel off transfer tape

I cut holes in the wood so the terra cotta pots could sit down in side of the wood (I used an attachment you can buy for your drill to cut the circles –but it wasn’t quite big enough so we took our jigsaw to finish the job!) (you could actually cut out the circles first and then stain–but once the pots are in you can’t see the unfinished edge. cut out circles in board

Then I drilled holes in my rain gutter. Two on the bottom and one on the side.  drill holes in planter Time to run the rope through. I bought this kind of rope because I liked the color–but there are lots of great options and colors. and I thought chain would even be fun!

home depot supplies

So for this part–I actually hung it a curtain rod to make sure it was level as I added the rope.  level Tie a knot on the very bottom of your rope. Run it up through the bottom and out the side. Each of my levels are 10 inches apart–so 10 inches from the hole I just ran the rope through I tie another knot. Keep going. Once you reach the top loop it over and work it down the back holes (tie knots!)
tie knots with rope

Then it’s time to hang! You can use a screw in plant hook–I ended up grabbing a screw eye. I screwed it right into the top of our deck and then just use an S hook to hang! hang up planter And my favorite part–time to plant! You could turn the whole thing into a fun herb garden (I actually wanted to do succulents on the bottom and top layers and hang this in my kitchen window!)  herbs
If this flower doesn’t make you excited for Spring I don’t know what will!  yellow flowers I wondered how heavy this would be when it’s all said and done–but it really isn’t that bad! I can lift it and place it on the hooks myself!
vinyl pots for a fun and easy herb garden I also added some fun vinyl  to the one of the gutters— fun vinyl rain gutter Guys! I love how it turned out! I want to make one with every color of the rainbow!  wood planter diy rain gutter planter make an herb planter out of a piece of wood planter close up planter diy

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Want to learn more? Visit https://workshops.homedepot.com to find out more about the program and check out when particular DIY workshops are scheduled in your area!


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