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Coloring page TOTE BAG and shirt (diy!)

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Guys! I have been on a coloring pages kick! I love them! I even started drawing crafty themed ones (stay tuned!) And I got this brilliant idea to make one on cloth using puff paint (at about 1:20 in the morning when I was trying to sleep!) It worked AWESOME! I love it so much! Check it out!

coloring canvas tote bag diy your own with puff paint!

Here is what your need: (I bought all the supplies at Michaels.)

-Canvas Tote bag

Tulip fabric paint (I got a big bottle…but only used about half and this tote is a pretty big size!

-foam core board



I cut the foam core board down to fit inside my tote bag so it will keep it’s shape and the fabric paint wouldn’t leak down through to the other side. (it actually doesn’t leak through at all…but I wanted to be safe–not sorry!)

foam core board
Then..you start! I actually looked at lots of fun coloring page inspiration to see what I liked..(you can go here to see lots of examples.)

diy coloring page bag

This took me about 2 hours to do. I just worked my way around with the big designs first and add small filler at the end. Then let dry. (I will tell you this…There are some I drew…and HATED as soon as they came out. but when you start adding all the stuff around it and fill it in they all kind of go together. So you can totally pull this off!

diy tote bag using puff paint for coloring fun

I actually can’t decide if I liked it left black and white or if we should color it!

diy coloring page ideas for adults

Either way it’s a super fun present! Pair it with some fabric markers and let the birthday girl have some fun!

fun gift idea for kids cute coloring bag

And then I thought I would try my  hand at making it on a T-shirt!

make a fun coloring shirt....with puff paint!

I actually video taped it! See it here:

I actually got it all done and totally loved it black and white.

crafts with puff paint

but Daughter was so excited to color it.

fun coloring shirt

I bit my lip and let her…

coloring shirt


Guess what? She totalllly loves it. She tells everyone her mom made it and she colored it! She’s so proud! Think how fun it will be to make custom names or initials for a gift!

colored shirt

You can also check out how to print those coloring pages HUGE! One of my favorite posts!

how-to-print-coloring-pages-HUGE-easy-trick-a-girl-and-a-glue-gun-900x1190 (1)

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