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a fun lesson on the gift of the Holy Ghost

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A few weeks ago I was asked to give a talk about the gift of the Holy Ghost at my niece’s baptism (for more info about my church you can head HERE a fun lesson on the Holy Ghost

Gift of the Holy Ghost

And of course it has to turn into a blog post (because what’s the point of doing anything if it’s not for the blog!?)  I compiled all these fun things and put them in a present…the GIFT of the Holy Ghost!
Holy ghost talk props We talked about how it’s so fun to get a gift! And this gift is such an AMAZING gift! Then I had a kid pull out one thing of a time and we discussed them! holy ghost package gift idea 1. Flashlight: Represents the sun! Even though there is only 1 sun we can all feel it’s warmth. AND like the sun, you can’t see it right now (we were in a building) but we know it’s there because we can feel it’s warmth. Just like the Holy Ghost.

2. Lifesavers: A life preserver saves you from drowning. Maybe we might make a bad choice. It’s okay! Everyone does. The Holy Ghost can be that help that gets us back safely!

3. Bandaids: A Bandaid protects you. It covers a scrape and protects it from getting dirty. It protects clothes from getting blood on them. The Holy Ghost wants to protect you! Sometimes he warns us of danger. This might be a yucky feeling when you aren’t choosing the Right. This can be a bad feeling or a feeling of being confused.

4 Heart shaped candy: Heavenly Father loves us. Jesus loves us. The Holy Ghost loves you. Your mom and dad love you. They all want what’s best for you. Just like your mom and dad they went to protect you from getting hurt and help you make right choices! Sometimes the Holy Ghost works through your mom and dad!

5. Q-tip: (you could do earrings, ear buds, or ear plugs): The Voice of the Spirit speaks softly and gently–it doesn’t yell. We need to make we have our ears cleaned and we are listening! When Joseph Smith went to pray he found a quiet grove! We need to make sure maybe after prayers , before we jump into bed, that we sit and listen and give time to have the Holy Ghost answer us. (also sometimes he doesn’t whisper at all–we can just feel him inside our hearts)

6. Compass: What does a compass do? It points us in the right direction–We are here to prepare ourselves to return and live with our Heavenly Father. Sometimes we get so busy we forgot that! The Holy Ghost is constantly there pointing us in the right direction…promptings us what to do…what to say…and may even caution and warn us!

7. Hand sanitizer: Hand Sanitizer keeps us clean. We need to say clean and worthy so the Holy Ghost will always be with us! The Holy Ghost doesn’t want to be around bad words or watch bad movies. So we need to make sure we are always doing what’s right!

8. Bookmark that says I know the scriptures are true. (printable down below): Moroni 10:5 “By the power of the Holy Ghost ye may know the truth of all things.” The Holy Ghost is going to testify to you and let you know that the scriptures are true. You have probably felt him today when you get baptized….Letting you know that what you are doing is true!

9. Blanket: A blanket comforts us. It keeps us warm. It makes us feel better when you are sad, sick or lonely. The Holy Ghost is often called a comforter. He is always there to lend us comfort in time of need. ANYTIME we can pray and ask Heavenly Father to send the Holy Ghost to help us.

Then I ended with this quote:

Holy Ghost quotes

I actually printed out these fun bookmarks (the one pictured is just one my daughter had! But this one was way more colorful! ) I just printed out and laminated it (Always an excuse to use my laminator!)

20311261059_9e652cd9b4_b 20471718216_7078ca0ebc_b

So many people have actually requested I make this bag–It’s actually photoshopped! You could grab some white vinyl and design it up and stick it on the bag. BUT…I made a couple printables you could just print out and glue on if you fancy!

gift of the Holy Ghost gift of the Holy Ghost gift of the Holy Ghost gift of the Holy Ghost
the gift of the holy ghost

I also put it with THIS cute ctr towel! baptism-towel-great-gift-choose-the-right-lds-church-900x1350

Check out these adroable Book Of Mormon stencils! 

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