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Heart Shaped Envelopes

I’m finally getting around to posting about VALENTINES day! Today I have super fun heart shaped envelopes to deliver a sweet love note in! how to make a heart shaped envelope--perfect for Valentines day!

These envelopes are so easy! They take 15 minutes or less (actually less than 4 minutes because I made a video and from start to finish it was 3 minuets 34 seconds! ) so they get to be part of one of my favorite series…CRAFT LIGHTNING!


fun valentines diy

alright! Let me show you this easy diy!


Cut out a heart. The big envelope is 12×12 paper…and the smaller is 8×8. I drew lines directly on the paper but you could just score it instead with a bone folder (that makes it have a nice edge when you fold it!) Then you fold in the sides. Then the top. And last –the bottom. I created my own heart pattern..but I hoped on Picmonkey and created this in case you need it! the heart will need to be symmetrical!

heart shaped pattern I whipped out a heart paper punch from fiskars and punched a bunch of hearts out of the leftover pieces of paper. It’s fun for decorating the envelope–or to fill up the envelope! HEART ATTACK!

fiskars punch

I grabbed a heart and a sticky thumb glue dot and sealed the back with it.  glue dots washi tape and hearts

Fill with a special note


and decorate with hearts, twine, washi tape or whatever gets your fancy!

cute diy for Valentines day--heart envelopes!

I made a youtube video for you in case you want to watch it!


Such a fun surprise when people realize that it’s a big giant heart! how to make a heart shaped envelope --a girl and a glue gun

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