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Buffalo check wall–with vinyl

If you have been a long time reader of my blog…You know I struggle to decorate my home. I’m totally indecisive with everything. I hem. I haw. I lose sleep. I want it to be fun…but still look like an adult lives here.

And awhile back I was painting my son’s plaid wall and while I was painting it I kept thinking….I could totally do this vinyl. I just needed a spot. And then the other day it hit me…PANTRY! See…totally lame…
before kitchen craft and then….BAM! totally not lame…! buffalo check wall with expressions vinyl And so stinking easy with Expressions Vinyl!


Okay. Full disclosure. I did 3 different sizes. (told you I’m indecisive!) I did a 2 inch. 3 inch and then finally decided that the 4 inch was what I wanted. Big and Bold! (realistically I think a 5 inch would be awesome too!)


The first round I cut all my squares with my Fiskars cutter fiskars cut squares square vinyl pieces from expressions vinyl wall I lived with it for a few days…but didn’t love it. (p.s…this was ONE sheet of 12×24 gray vinyl (and half of a black sheet)  IMG_3453 (1) (1)

So I peeled it all off and put up the 3 inches…(ignore the messy kitchen. keeping it real here.) IMG_3461 (1)

and it was okay. But I wanted the bam factor…

So I peeled it all off and put up the 4 inches (by the time I got to the four inches I used my cameo to cut out the squares instead! BUT you can totally do this with no cutter!)

I liked it so much better! Just a simple peel and stick. Using an exacto knife to get around the cupboards and molding! It seriously is soooo much faster than painting!

kitchen sneak peak




and since I said full disclosure…..

plaid wall I ran out of vinyl (too many “practice runs!”)

(I will be getting rid of the taupe color FYI. It will get painted white and I’m planking the wall on the right white whenever I can talk husband into it! and I think I will painting my oven hood black too!) kitchen sneak peek


This cute menu sign is just chalkboard vinyl on a piece of cardboard, put in a old frame, vinyl menu sign and hung with a ribbon. menu board

I love that whenever I get sick of the plaid trend I can take it off and pop up something else!  easy wall treatment with vinyl--buffalo check Check out these other amazing Buffalo Check Ideas:

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