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Turkey Crayon holder with foam!

I found these large giant rolls of brown paper at the home depot (In the paint aisle!)


unnamed (9)


I’m having a craft day and thought they would be perfect to cover the tables. THEN I thought they would look cute across our thanksgiving table with a bunch of crayons on it so the kids can color why the food is cooking….

and I’m insane and I knew I couldn’t just toss some crayons out on the table…they needed a turkey holder!

I work a lot with Floracraft®  Make it fun crafts--so I have a lot of foam laying around.and the rest is a history!

and I couldn’t decide what shape I wanted to make–so I made two! (good thing we have LOTS of kids in your family!)  easy turkey crayons holders made with foam for your thanksgiving table First one:

crayon holder for thanksgiving
This is a sheet of the thick Floracraft foam (I want to say two inches) I took a lid and traced a half circle and cut it out. Then cut out a turkey body shape. crayon holder how to I wrapped it in burlap and decorated it with felt feathers (does this remind anyone of the NBC logo?)  images (1) turkey

I popped some holes with a screw driver and added the crayons!

turkey craft diy

and the next one:  crayon holder turkey This one used foam balls. cut in half and covered with Smooth finish (it fills in all the pores and makes it so you can paint it!
how to make a turkey craft added the head with these foam connectors Styrofoam connectors Then add crayons. This one holds more colors–
turkey crayon holder for your thanksgiving table Roll out your brown paper and set in the middle and let the kids create! fun turkey table decorations for thanksgiving My daughter spent the entire afternoon filling in our table with cute doodles! thanksgiving turkey craft thanksgiving Hape Faxe Giveen everyone!

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