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The best presents to buy for the crafter in your life.

Or for yourself. (cause I buy all my own presents!) I just wanted to share a few fun craft items I love…Or ones I have my eye on to buy! (this post contains affiliate links!)

the complete list of things to buy for crafters--lots of fun items!

Okay. HANDS DOWN–my most USED and loved Craft supplies are my

Silhouette Cameo

-my sewing machine

my camera (with THIS lens)


**If you have a Silhouette Cameo (or a cricut) a gift card to Expressions vinyl would make your day! (or if you don’t want to do the gift card route..they have fun packs of different colors! They have the best stuff ever! love them!


***What about a cute camera strap il_570xN.823027225_f9z6

**This year I got a MINC MACHINE. I LOVE IT. It turns stuff you print out on toner ink into foiled masterpieces! minc-foil-machine-900x883 I had a craft night with the girls and we all had a blast with it!!! (you can go HERE to see all my minc projects~!) bubble-gum-blow-me-away-900x1350

**A cordless glue gun! I have this one (it’s run on batteries!) It’s super awsome!  hot glue gun


**This Silicone craft mat. I take a lot of pictures of how I make stuff…so I love that this one is pretty color! It will look great on my desk! HS_NEW


*** If you are limited on space–this desk is AMAZING! 


**If you are into photography–or blogging…this backdrop is cheap and pretty!



**I love my sharpies...but hand lettering is really gone crazy this past year…These tombow brushes are super awesome!

81tAbdIkBqL._SL1500_ They have a fine tip on one side..and a brush tip on the either!


Pair this with a fun lettering book–and you have a great present! (I have THIS one!) 61HPcY0HIWL._SX431_BO1,204,203,200_



***Hobby holster! a fun way to keep your glue gun in arms reach!


**I bought myself these pom pom makers! You wrap yarn around around and around…then cut and tie. perfect poms! 61vJ+qoa52L._SL1024_

I have literally made 100. no joke. (post coming soon!) IMG_3148

**What about a super fun kit–ships right to the person! I got this one from Freckled Fawn and used it to jazz up my frame! Comes in a fun containers and filled with all sorts of crafty finds!  freckled fawn gift

**This isn’t really craft related…but I want one. I just need the place to put this giant calendar!



***You can actually diy this one yourself with chalkboard vinyl (but if you don’t want to mess with it!) Make sure to throw in some fun chalk markers! 81rwa+FWAML._SL1500_


**This is TOP on my want/need/have to have list! Sugar Bee crafts has been posting about all thse amazing projects she’s been racing through with the help of her spray gun!  basically awesome spray paint..without the fumes and ANY COLOR!

812L0ENq64L._SL1500_ ***a yarn swift! If you crochet or do other stuff with yarn (?) (you know besides making poms!) This is super cool! Someone told me about it on facebook and I had to google it!  51C8J9okC5L (watch the youtube video HERE–but basically it keeps your yarn all nice and from not rolling around everywhere!


***Organizing 51EjP3tr9IL
81IVBWxKgxL._SL1500_ 71XQ-t7+C8L._SL1500_ —Anything to organize whatever you are obsessed with!!!

I’m currently obsessed with this ribbon holder...great for ribbon–or my personal favorite–WASHI TAPE! 5d087d2d-c553-4c23-99f0-cb669ccf9927._V326813891__SL300__ ***which brings me to…WASHI Tape! I can not get enough! 61WGi+Fdh5L._SL1285_


***macaroon were huge this year! This is a great kit to help you make your own!  51QowAzdNvL


***A binding machine! I would love to use this! 41k1vXdVw7L

***and while you are buying machines…my laminater is a used tool around my house! I love it!





***Clear dry erase paint! I could have some major crafting fun with this!!! walls, signs, doors! The sky is the limit.



***Adult coloring books! I’m super glad that it’s a thing now! I’m sick of coloring frozen pictures!




***You can also buy any crafternoon set from hazel and ruby (found at joanns!) These are super fun to try new crafts!


***mod podge—There are so many fun different kinds–glitter, glow in the dark, indoor, outdoor, matte, shiny, hard, dimensional…

71A+swfQnqL._SL1200_ ***a Journaling bible–my friend pitter and glink is the one that made me want one for myself! Look how amazing!


Bible Journaling Video Title Collage


***Want to dabble in jewelry making? This is a great book to get you going! 71Ywju+2AGL


speaking of books….I have to share the rest of my favorites:


washi tape crafts: (so fun! and tons of projects I have never even seen!)

Crafting really awesome free things. 100 easy crafts!!!

make and share random acts of kindness (free printables! so cool~)

chalk lettering up above.

***sure to score yourself an awesome shirt 1e5fdcbffb8b1db0af17333a11e782f9 –or bag… fun craft bag



****I’m also in deep love with these heidi swapp marquee letters! heidi-swapp-marquee-900x600



About Kimbo

Kimbo blogs at A girl and a glue gun--where she puts her hot glue gun to good use (as well as her vinyl cutter and sewing machine) She loves all crafts and is thrifty (the nice way to say she's cheap) So she is constantly trying to come up with fast and easy projects that won't break the bank! She lives in Idaho with her hot husband and 3 kiddos.