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Some extra dough for the HOLIDAYS

easy neighbor gift--extra dough cookie mix and cutter with free printable

Cause really…you do need some extra dough around the holidays!

Now. I don’t bake. And when I do…it’s usually from a mix. And they always look HORRIBLE. (I mean they taste fine…But They are definitely not going to be on the cover of better homes and garden!)

 I hate taking treats to my neighbors–Here’s some cookies that look like my 5 year old made.

So this is the pppppppeeeerrrfffeeeecctttt gift for me to give out!

You can attach to just a cookie mix…add a cookie cutter for flair.

free christmas printable. everyone could use a little extra dough

Wrap up some refrigerator dough in wrapping paper. cookie dough printable

or go all out and make a whole cute package…lots of fun sprinkles, a rolling pin…cookie cutters, icing! cookie diy gift basket for a fun christmas present

You could also attach this a play doh can (if you were Really generous you could swap out the play doh for money!)

Or put in some pizza dough with lots of fun toppings! Great dinner gift!!!

Or add a different tag and do a cookies for santa!

cookies for santa printable


 I’m also on 30 handmade days today with another easy neighbor treat (it seems to be a theme…


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