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DIY a grave in your yard!

Thanks to Floracraft for sponsoring this post!


This month’s theme was  FloraCraft® Foam Heads They have regular heads…and now they have HALLOWEEN ONES!

fun halloween heads

I have big plans for these! One is going to be a Halloween costume for next year…and I think I’m going to create the witch and stuff it so she can sit on my porch!

And they are so stinking cute painted up… Frankenstein head how to paint paint a skull You paint the face a solid color…and then go in and add dark colors in the crevice–dip back in the original color and smooth out the dark!  how to paint a witch head She kind of gives me nightmares!
witch face foam heads I forgot to take a picture of the zombie….but here is one laying on my front porch bleeding… (oh I love Halloween!)  zombie head And then I thought I would use the skull for a fun yard decoration… how to make a grave in your yard a grave! but I have a trick because I poured it out on trash bags…so I can move it around easily to prevent my grass from dying…(and easy clean up!) (two taped together….) trash bags tape together Pour on dirt (I added some grocery sacks in the middle to get a mound.) grave on lawn and found these worms at the dollar store! HAD to add them in! gross worms Buried in my Make it fun skull and some random bones I have in my Halloween box–
creepy skull head And what’s a grave without a headstone!

how to make your own headstone for Halloween

first…I made a headstone out of a sheet of foam…Then I scratched in some details and covered it with one layer of smooth finish and then painted it with a gray spray paint….After it dries I added a darker gray in the indentions. Poke in some skewers in the bottom and add in the ground!  grave stakes


It’s a super fun and creepy!
gravestone diy check out my other fun Make it fun Foam crafts HERE

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