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Watercolor art with new glitter vinyl!

I’ve combined my two loves today–Watercolor and Expressions Vinyl choose happy quote And Expressions has NEW vinyl–transparent glitter vinyl! (head here to see the fun colors!) And they are even more glittery and sparkly in real life! transparent glitter vinyl Since they are transparent I thought they would be perfectly paired with watercolors! I painted some flowers…. watercolor flowers

I have THIS watercolor set and This watercolor paper (afflink)


Then cut out some vinyl~ (check out the glitterly goodness! This is the magenta color! Weed away all the parts of the vinyl that aren’t apart of the design. peel backing off vinyl I then use a weeding tool to get into all the nooks and crannies…(middle of the o, a, p) weed out vinyl with tool Take your transfer tape (okay…if you don’t know what transfer tape is you are really missing out! It makes it so you can move whole designs in one kabang. I have this huge roll  use it ALLLLL the time and It is still so huge! Seriously. I have had it for a year~ Lay it over your project and rub with an application tool. add transfer tape Peel up the transfer tape with the words attached and then place on your watercolor where you want it.
add vinyl to watercolor Rub it and then peel up!

peel off transfer tape

You are left with perfectly placed letters!  fun watercolor art with expressions vinyl I also made a fun rainbow with with two different colors (dark gray and holographic) layering vinyl I just design it as usual and then pull off the part of the design you want cut in another color!
quote rainbow rainbow quote cut out with silhouette cameo

HERE is a great tutorial on how to do lots of colors! 22-e1442340387758-768x1024 Love how it turned out!
rainbow watercolor vinyl art Head over to Expressions and get yourself some transparent glitter vinyl!

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