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Geometric pillow

Sometimes in life…..you know exactly what you want…but can’t find it ANYWHERE. It’s time to put the craft gloves on and diy your own!

geometric pillow with iron on vinyl

I have some specific colors I wanted…and found nothing (under $100) that fit the bill. Lucky for me..Expressions Vinyl has heat transfer vinyl in PERFECT colors!


and guess what? I didn’t even use an electronic cutter! Just some scissors! Which means you can do it too!

This pillow is 22 by 22. So I did math (insert puking emoji) and figured out how big I would need the triangles (squares cut in half) They were 5.5 in squares and then cut in half for the triangles. I made a stencil and used it to trace them on the back. I actually only used 4 triangles per color.  cut out triangles cut vinyl out with scissors What I love about heat transfer vinyl is that you can play around with placement. I moved them around about 100 times. I was trying to make sure that each color was on each row and not too’c close to each other….(oh! I wanted to mention. I orginally cut a white piece of fabric to iron on…but I wanted gray on it…but couldn’t find any gray heat transfer in my stash (and I know I have some! Time to clean the craft room again!) So I swapped out white fabric for gray so I could leave some triangles off and let the gray peak through!  arrange how you want After I had it placed where I wanted I took a picture. (because you need to move them out the way as you iron and I didn’t want to forget!)

Now…I start with the corner and did rows…I didn’t try to do iron on more than one at a time because these pieces curl a little–AND I didn’t cut them super precise and they overlap a little bit so I needed to iron one on, peel off the plastic carrier sheet and then iron on another!
triangle pillow and I wanted to mention: after peeling the carrier sheet, you don’t want the iron to touch any of the exposed vinyl–so I laid the carrier sheets I had already peeled up over any surrounding vinyl just to be safe! (medium heat setting on iron …15 seconds PRESSING)  iron on heat transfer vinyl

Then I just sewed on some back panels and added a pillow form (you can very easily add vinyl to an existing pillowcase too if you don’t know how to sew!) fun diy pillow no sew living room sneak peek

accent pillow with heat transfer vinyl fun triangle pillow This post is part of Geometric week hosted by Expressions Vinyl!!! geometric header

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