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what to do with vinyl scraps round two!

hello! it’s me kim again! and i’m back showing you what to do with those leftover vinyl scraps! what to do with vinyl scraps round 2

if you know ANYTHING about me..you know this: i don’t throw anything away…

and since it’s not hoarding if you use it–then you had better use it. cause i don’t want to be famous by being on A&E

(my round one of scrap busting projects  is here)

Picnik collage545

okay–first thing first. i have a place for my scraps. if you don’t–they are just going to be a mess.


(you can go here to read about how i store my vinyl)

but i have a 12×12 tupperware that gets to hold all my small leftover scraps!

and to save as much vinyl as possible. i cut out design with my cameo….then after i peel off my vinyl from the mat (before i weed out the vinyl from the words or picture) i cut around it and save as much as the unused vinyl as  possible.

take this project i’m working on:

after i cut out the frame and the s…


i would snip off where the yellow is….that saves me a bunch of vinyl!!!! Capturefdsdfsbcbvc

and once you get in the mindset of using scraps–you will find LOADS of uses for it! i love vinyl. it cuts and sticks so easy and now there is soooo many colors!

first up: jewelry. earrings before

i was going to paint…then maybe cut some scrapbook paper and maybe mod podge…but then i reached my vinyl. trace around on the back of the vinyl. cut , peel, stick. easy peasy



..a boring old bracelet…

PicMonkey Collage bracelet redo

made pretty–


and when i’m sick of it..or want a different color..i’ll peel it off! DSC02199 bracelet

i think this one of the only few projects i used with my cutter (the zigzag…) so anyone can do this!

and remember my vinyl necklaces i made here?

necklaces b6

(refresher course is here)


next up:

my daughter keeps stealing my iphone plugin.  (her’s works only half the time so she likes to “trade”) so i CLEARLY marked mine.


plug in



boring old ones from the dollar store..


so cute. took minutes! (and less then two dollars when all is said and done!

DSC01974 DSC01986


easy clear see-through pens…


wrap the ink with vinyl… PicMonkey Collage pens

fun new pens (i have a color assigned to each thing i use it for. the pink is for blogging stuff!)

vinyl covered pens


ONE of my FAVORITE projects:

(if you follow me on instagram (kimbowest) you got a sneak peak:


but i had this light gray boring case (i didn’t take a before picture! what kind of blogger am i!?) BUT i spray painted blue and i grabbed strips of vinyl and just decorated it! it was so fun..no rhyme or reason but i love how it turned out glass case using vinyl

the other side i had cut out glasses which i kinda love just as much!


and p.s…have you checked out their new herringbone vinyl (it’s true love!) go HERE


my son wanted to get his teacher a flower…but those cute decorated pots are expensive…this took just a strip!

DSC02836 but think how cute to cut out polka dots and make one all dotted!

DSC02834 my daughter got her teacher a candle–just think how easy it would be to dress it up with a little vinyl…you could cut it out with scalloped edges! so cute!


we are OBSESSED with natural ice…#bestchapstickever


and my husband leaves his in his pockets and i wash them and ruin them.

then he steals mine. (i have one in the kitchen, and purse, and by my bed)

so i added some cute polka dot vinyl and now he won’t touch them!

chapstick (these would make fun unique party favors for a birthday! they have rainbows of colors!)


and last (but certainly not least)

i love using all my little scraps to slap labels …..

tool bin

on…everything. labels make me happy.

i just feel better knowing that my son’s bike is the one with the batman signal. and my cup is the one that says, MOMS!

and which scissors are for paper, which ones are for fabric..and which ones can be used for duct tape and sticky stuff

PicMonkey Collagescissors

and the difference between the sugar and salt shaker…


apparently my husband didn’t appreciate using the sugar shaker for salt..so now he can tell the difference…

moral of this blog post: once again…DON’T THROW AWAY THOSE SCRAPS

About Kimbo

Kimbo blogs at A girl and a glue gun--where she puts her hot glue gun to good use (as well as her vinyl cutter and sewing machine) She loves all crafts and is thrifty (the nice way to say she's cheap) So she is constantly trying to come up with fast and easy projects that won't break the bank! She lives in Idaho with her hot husband and 3 kiddos.