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quilt as you go initial tote bag

THis posted on Flamingo toes a few months ago — today’s scrapbuster is actually a fun technique I learned from the cute girls over at Simple simon and Co. It’s the “quilt as you go” that they taught at Snap blog conference last year!

and it has branched out in a fun obsession….

quilt as you go initial tote bag


I’m going to give you a basic rundown! You need some batting larger than your design…and trace your design (or I did a big square pillow so I didn’t need to trace!)

initial trace Then lay out how you want it….and sew on the first piece.
quilt on scraps

Then start adding pieces…you want to put right sides together and sew overlap and then flip down to keep the edges nice! quilt as you go technique


You want to make sure to overlap over your design to make sure it’s all sewed on nice! (aka go big or go home)

cut out fun design

Then cut out your design.

quilt as you go intital turn it into a pillow…sew on a shirt

diy initial shirt

…or put on a cute bag!

initial tote bag

The sky is really the limit!!!

I also did a pillow for my sewing room chair…

quilted scrap pillow

and a bib (this is the original idea from Simple Simon and co

baby bib

and then I decided to whip up an Easter pillow!

bunny easter pillow

pillow how to

I love using my scraps!

scrap collage

so go sew! Thanks Bev for having me!

quilt as you go initial tote bag a girl and a glue gun

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