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Skirting the Issue: the utility skirt

So this is my third year (I think) doing Skirting the issue with my favoritest people Simple simon and co. (In a nutshell, skirting the issue is making and donating skirts to girls in foster care!  You can go here to see how and where you can donate!  Skirting-the-Issue and I’m here to show you a fun skirt–I call it the Utility skirt (like a Utility apron….Lots of pockets so the girl can hold her “treasures” utility skirt diy

and it’s super easy!

how to make a skirt

I cut the stripe fabric 4 inches longer then the length I wanted and the width is 48 inches. The flower piece is a little less than half the width of the skirt. Sew on a bias tape (or fold down and sew-) I couldn’t find a bias tape in the color I wanted so I made my own following THIS tutorial
how to sew a skirt with knit

Lay the top piece on the bottom piece right where you want it…and then I hemmed the bottom by folding up the bottom and folding in the top… skirt hem and then sew!


After the bottom hem was in place I placed out my pockets and sewed them as well (and Just like a utility apron they are all different sizes.)  measure skirt pockets Then sew up the two ends together to make a skirt!  sew up the skirt Add an elastic waistband  by sewing down the top of the skirt (the stripes are knit so I didn’t have to finish the edge. fold over edge of knit elastic

And  put in the elastic–I put a safety pin on the end to help me weave it through! elastic waistband diy fun skirt with pockets then fill it with your most prized possessions.

skirt full of pockets skirt to store your treasures utility apron skirt snack pocket on a skirt pocket skirt utility skirt with lots of fun pockets

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