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Camping food



This post is dedicated to the best part of camping….


I live for s’mores. and anything cooked over a campfire is just yummmmy. Or maybe we are just delirious from living like homeless people that a can of chili heated by the fire tastes like a 5 star restaurant.

either way…here is our favorite things to eat when camping:

the yummiest and easiest camping food roundup

campfire cheesy twice baked potatoes


campfire cones campfire-cones



caramel smore
Caramel Chocolate Smore DSC05793

campfire churros!  campfire-churros-1



banana boats banana-boats-pin

walking tacos walking-tacos-768x1024

cookie smore fudge-cookie-smores
cheesy fries! chilecheesefries3

smores in a bag smores in a bag

Campfire eclairs…these are soooo  yummy!

campfire eclairs 2

macaroni and cheese.…ahh..comfort food. ca001bec116e8943ba8986b3bba54507

nutella and banana smores smores-banana-m

camping haystacks exps50272_TH1789929D62D grilled corn

Camping corn

cinnamon rolls…in an orange. IMG_9821-copy

Omelet in a bag 100_4605

we make these each camping trip and they are sooo easy, everyone gets to pick their own ingredients and so yummy!

a1e158a8e456120bf7a87c7d377a97be source

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