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Tool chest makeover.

I’m a yard sale shopper. Big time. Other people’s trash….. can be your trash…and maybe with some spray paint your treasure.

And the house across the street from me had  a yard sale. I didn’t even have to drive! destiny.  I came across this tool chest…it was uuugly.

before tool box paint

(I shared a sneak peak of it on instagram! follow me (agirlandagluegun) Husband and I had the great debate…he absolutely hated it. wanted me to roll it back across the street and depend my $15 back (I actually bought it for $25…but don’t tell husband that)

I had a vision…

repaintetd tool chest turned night stand for boys room

I spent a good hour degreasing it….and getting it ready for paint…and it was totally worth it!

I got this krud cutter in my swag bag at a blog conference…..and when I went to get my Clorox bleach it was sitting right there and I thought. hm…why not.

unnamed (3) It worked like a dream. I could literally just wipe it off…here’s a picture that you can’t really tell…but it IS working.

unnamed (2)

after the grossness was over…a few coats of rustoleum spray paint in ORANGE. orange rustoleum spray paint tool chest painted orange The top had a board on it…Which I could have just left off…but I kinda liked the contrast. So I painted it black and added some vinyl from Expressions Vinyl

(I wanted to do something about not being a “tool” but husband said it wasn’t super appropriate for my 9 year old’s room.)

dude expressions vinyl

and then I used this stuff…it’s pretty freakin awesome.

varnish diy

it’s like a super thick varnish. I used it a bunch when I made stuff for the dentist office. You mix two bottles together and pour it on….then you have to  use a match or blow torch to get all the bubbles out. It dries to the touch in like 12 hours…and then 3 days before you can put stuff on it…
pour on varnish finish but it looks so cool and legit.

top of tool box

It seriously blows my mind how much spray paint can change the look of things!

tool chest

We are using it as a night stand for my son’s room! I think it’s perfect!  IN YOUR FACE HUSBAND! night table or stand for little boys room upcycle top of fun diy spray paint too chest before and after spray paint boys room ideas

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