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personalized tie with heat transfer vinyl

This post is like…2 maybe 3 years old. And I just found it…and I think it would be perfect for Father’s day!


I had my nephew for Christmas…and once they get out of the superhero stage…I’m totally stuck on what to get them for presents. And since he’s a huge Minnesota Vikings fan (boo. #gocowboys) I decided to make him a personalize tie! This can be done with most teams…

personalized tie

first: i made the tie using THIS tutorial (but if you have an existing tie you can just use that (as long as you can iron it without ruining it!!))

then i hopped on my cameo and…

PicMonkey Collagecameo

1. find your image and upload it your silhouette studio.

2. click the trace button…and make a box about the image…click trace outer edge.

3. move image off…your silhouette will be right underneath

4. if you are using t-shirt vinyl(iron on vinyl) the image needs to be flipped.

you can do that by right clicking and flipping it.

then you cut it out  using t-shirt vinyl from expressions vinyl (with the top side face down on the mat) then you peel away the negative space and iron on the image (go here for more details and pictures)


i used flocked (means its fuzzy) heat transfer vinyl (found HERE) (and they have loads of colors and even glitter!!!)

photo 1 (6)

a nice and easy way to personalize…well…anything!!!! photo 5 done

(i took about 10 picture of him. and kept saying smile.

i think this is how 12 years olds smile!)

i also made him some interchangeable gloves


(you can go HERE for a rundown of these fun gloves)



and a vikings nintendo ds case


{tutorial for this is here}

what team would you do?




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