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lego organiziation–out of cardboard boxes!

cardboard week continues…with a little lego love..

so…the other day my son comes in and asks me if i will help him dig through his legos to find one tiny piece.

heck to the no. But i realized that he didn’t build his creations cause he couldn’t find any pieces!

so it did result in this….

lego organization

color organization makes my heart happy….

the storm before the calm..


they are just cereal boxes with the top cut off….wrapped in color coordinated duck tape IMG_7132

I ended up not putting duck tape on the bottom..cause i found it harder to find the pieces …(i did the black bottom..and look at how it all just looks black!) legos color coordinated blue lego organization

now..I know for most of your lego fanaticals…these wouldn’t be nearly big enough to hold your legos. but go big (or go home) try using shoe boxes!  green lego box

  lego organization using cardboard boxes.

you can use scrapbook paper too to wrap it up (or shelf liners!)

and fill with craft supplies…


or your junk drawer/craft drawer



put them in your unmentionable drawers….(that are color coordinated too apparently.)



cardboard is super awesome.


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