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layered flower art with my Minc machine

Me and my minc machine are becoming best friends. I’m kinda getting to the point where I walk around my house looking for things I can foil! #iloveitsomuch

I love love love the colors the foil comes in. They all go so well together no matter the combination!

foil colors

and I wanted to use them all together…and came up with a fun flower design!
minc layered flowers foil

I sat down and doodled out some flowers and leaves shapes–that are meant to be layered on top of each other. I don’t have a toner printer–so I just ran to the Staples and copied them (probably cost me about 35 cents!)

flower printables

(I drew these with my tombow pen…and when it copied it wasn’t solid black…almost like a light gray–The Foil still stuck after running through my Minc…but you can see in the picture that it’s a little splotchy…STILL super awesome but keep that in mind when making copies! (All my other copies have turned out great…just this hand drawn one)

then foil foil foil!!! Since the leaves are green…I copied two sheets and did one full sheet dark green and one full sheet light green. heidi swapp leaves For the flowers…Since I wanted each layer of the flower a different color–I cut them out separate and use all my scraps foil pieces (I’m a hoarder so I save all of my little pieces!)  foil scraps Then run through your minc machine! The minc machine heats up the foil and sticks to the ink.

minc machine heidi swapp

Then peel up the foil revealing your pretty design (this is my favorite part)  peel up the foil Then just layer the flowers on top of each other!  layered foil flowers I mass produced a whole bunch…it took a while to cut them out…but I had a good show on netflix (Kimmy Schmidt) so I went by fast. Then played around with it the layout. flowers and stripes

I thought it would be cutest scrapbook layout..
heidi swapp minc machine flowers

(this has some of Heidi Swapps butterflies on it (aren’t they AMAZING)

heidi swapp minc butterflies

and I turned all my leftovers into thank you cards!  thank you floral card

This polka dotted envelope is another one of the Minc packs! They are so amazing! You can buy yours at Hobby Lobby, Joanns along with a bunch of local stores and online shops!  You won’t regret it! It’s my favoritest new toy!

be happy printable using heidi swapp minc machine

You print out our own flowers HERE

and HERE

and HERE

and HERE
and HERE

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