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Heat transfer Vinyl shirt with GOLD glitter polka dots

So many of my favorite things are in that title! I A. love heat transfer vinyl from Expressions Vinyl! It’s vinyl you can iron onto fabric to make custom….everything!

and gold has become my newest obsessions. I’m going to turn into this lady if I don’t have an intervention. fifty-years-of-bond-style-03


and polka dots. obsessed before. will be forever.

anyways. Expressions Vinyl is having a fun contest where everyone at Snap blog conference got white black and gold vinyl and had to create something with it!  an even playing field!

and I chose the gold!

diy a custom shirt with polka dot using heat transfer vinyl

Heat transfer vinyl is a little tricky. But just a little. You load your vinyl so it’s face down.  load iron on vinyl in the cutter and when you have your design ready …


You will flip it horizontally.
gold flipped to cut

fyi: Gold is BEBAS NEUE FONT and Good as is CK BECKY font

and cut!  Then pull away all the vinyl that isn’t part of your design. There is a carrier sheet that covers the front (and is what you iron on to) And that’s why you have to  cut it backwards! weed away the negative space

Make sure you iron your project beforehand! (A. it gets out moisture. and 2…it gets out wrinkles!) now. If only I could find an iron for my face. iron shirt Lay down your project. The carrier sheet has a tinsy bit of sticky to it…so it will stay put..but you can move it as many times as you need. Then iron. 15 second PRESS on each spot! glitter is a bit thicker…so I always put it on for a little bit longer.  iron on heat transfer vinyl

then peel up the carrier sheet!

peel away the carrier sheet repeat for the sleeves. I  folded them in half and did one side…..then the other. Trimming the polka dots to fit.

glitter polka dots and I didn’t put any in the armpit. You can’t see it when the shirt is on!

polka dot sleeve with iron on vinyl in full disclosure: this one is not good as gold. she’s not even good as green. she’s lucky she’s cute. heat transfer vinyl good as gold personalized shirt with polka dot sleeves custom t-shirt make sure to go HERE to see all the other fun entries! black white and gold vinyl roundup of expressions vinyl

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