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the evolution of an art wall

so my fridge.

It was verrrrry slowly getting overtaken with kids pictures. and while i entirely encourage creativity…It was a bit much. and the garbage was underneath and if anyone bumped anything–it would fall into the garbage.

and i said enough is enough and decided to a make a designated spot for it all…

aka..art wall… kids artwall easy diy to get your kids art off the fridge

It leads down the hallway into my craft room…and my daughter’s room…and the bathroom.

I started with newspapers cut to the frames size and taped them up so i could get a placement idea….because the house still had the new feeling where I couldn’t just put holes in the wall willy nilly (i’m over it now!)

and then I slowly over like two months added and subtracted crap until I found the perfect arrangement.
evolution of the art wall i was originally going to hang a curtain rod with clippies on it…(clippies not being the official title)

much like this one



but then i found a straight board….and i knew i had clothespins..and free can’t beat anything in my book. so the board got painted…..and the clothespins got spray painted all different colors.

art wall how to

 and just hot glued them to the board.

clipboard for art wall


I made a giant pencil…just a piece of wood that i cut off the ends to make a point and painted

IMG_3383 i slapped some hot glue around the ends


and covered it with tin foil to create the metal part of the pencil… IMG_3385

looks so fun on the wall!

giant pencil how to


I also dipped an old paint brush in white paint and let it dry on some wax paper and stuck it to the wall as well…. paint brush as art

and added some vinyl to an arch…EDITED TO ADD: So many questions about this arch. It is just one piece of wood my husband cut out and I hand painted to look like this! I added vinyl from Expressions Vinyl! You can check out the how to vinyl HERE! 

art wall craft vinyl lettering

in short…this project cost me some paint. I reused the frames i already had (some got spray painted) and I  filled the frames with my kids artwork

kids artwork framed

and some free prints (I printed a few from costco…and the giant creativity is intelligence is from HERE and i got it printed off at staples as an engineering print for $1.80.

so really…five bucks was the most i spend.

if you don’t include time. i hemmed and hawed over it entirely to long. but good thing bloggers don’t get paid by the hour.


here is the view from my daughter’s room

art wall for kids

 and the view from the kitchen.

art wall fun quotes and framed pictures of kids artwork

  clever way to hang your kids artwork


art wall vinyl art wall with vinyl saying and definition


(i spy with my little eye my husbands feet…)

here’s some pictures i took in case you want to use them

coloredss coloreds

(and remember my post about art quotes!!!)  art-quote-roundup color-paints-1024x682


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