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Polka dot mirror

unnamed (3) It’s polka dot week over at R and R workshop! And since I ADORE polka dots…I had to play along!

whipped up a super easy mirror!  easy you can do it diy framed mirror from a dollar store mirror and wood!

I measured the wood….and cut 5 inches extra than the mirror….I wanted it to overlap the mirror so the mirror sits behind it. (Home depot can cut your wood…so no excuses!)

wood frame

Then I just globbed on wood glue on the inside and put the frame together and then hot glued the back seams with my adtech glue gun. It’ s my crap method –but it actually REALLy holds it well! glue frame together

I wanted a real distressed look…so I watered down the paint and globbed it on. after it dried I used sandpaper to distress it!

paint wood frame Then painted on polka dots (I used a piece of cardboard to cut out a circle!) (if you are paying attention–I started with dark blue. hated it. and switched to white polka dots)

paint polka dots

You can see how the blue pops through here.. close up of framed mirror diy

I also distressed the edges with some brown watered-down paint

And then hot glued the mirror on the back! hot glue on mirror

polka dot mirror how to

I’ve moved it around a few times! it goes with everything in my house! kamerons-room-with-polka-dot-pillow-1024x781 I LOVE polka dots!!!


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