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scentsy warmer recycled (craft lightning)


Okay…I’m a huge fan of scentsy! (not paid for this…just a HUGE fan!)

Anyways…a while ago, my husband was changing the wax and dropped the top and broke it.

and I was pretty much left with this…

scentsy before

and when I got on to buy a replacement dish…I got side tracked by all the prettiness and ended up ordering a whole new one instead of  a dish–cause it was an OWL!!!



So I decided to get crafty with my old zebra one.. what to do with old broken scentsy

  succulent planter diy a girl and a glue gun

succulents are awesome…cause they are low maintenance. (even though I still manage to kill them) and  they are pretty cheap (found these at Home depot for less than $10 for all three!) succulent planter diy

cut off the cord… scentsy planter upcycle

and ripped out the guts

and fill with soil (if you notice it’s on a paper plate to catch any spills)

fill with dirt


There are holes at the top of the planter–I mean scentsy–but I just packed the dirt in and haven’t had any problems with it coming out! (I do water this in the sink!) succulent planter out of a scentsy

  broken scentsy turned planter

This was part of craft lightning…recycled crafts edition! This probably is the fastest craft ever!!! click below for other great 15 minute craft ideas!

p.s…look how adorable this new warmer is!! be still my heart!



and these pretty gold!!


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