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Jewelry and Scarf organizer.

Let me tell you a story. One morning I woke up and stared at this wall…

and thought….what a waste of space. I wanted to decorate it all cute..cause according to pinterest..that’s what you do. But it seemed a waste to hang pictures there when the only person who sees my bedroom lives in the same house as me…and well…i guess you now.

So I decided to utilize it… jewelry accessory wall --organize your necklace and scarf with hooks!

and literally brushed my teeth and went to home depot!

I took horrible pictures..cause I’m horrible. But guys! it’s so stinkin easy! I bought two pieces of wood…(They were pretty cheap.. less than $4 total. (just try to get the straightest ones you could find!)

Then I headed over to the knob hooks and drawer pull section.

let me tell you. knobs/hooks are PRICEY! I knew I wanted a bunch..cause i’m a scarf hoarder. (I used 11.) And I wasn’t going to spend $3 on each one…and the cheap ones were kinda….not cute. So I did the next best thing. PAINT! I gathered up all the ones that were a dollar or less and added some spray paint (and glaze) !…(if doing this for  a kids room…think of how fun they would be if they were pink or blue or all different colors!) (so $11 on knobs!)…that’s $15 so far!

spray paint cheap knobs! Paint the board..distressed the crap out of it with sandpaper and I used a drill to drill a hole in the board…then added the knob! knobs to hold scarves

And let me tell you why I pick an odd number or knobs. Cause if you have 9 knobs…you can measure out where the middle  is and put a knob there…and then put 4 on each side equally spaced apart. It seems like less harder math than the other way.

Now…why I was  at home depot..I ran over the hooks…They were much more price friendly. 100 hooks for less than $4. So $19 thus far (all paint I had on hand…so let’s just say an even $20.) (hooks are here)

They only had gold…so spray paint again…(spray paint is a common theme here on my blog. I’ve pretty much spray painted everything in my house.


spray paint hooks Then measure and pre-drill holes and then screw in! (this is what the drill bit looks like– IMG_2621

pre drill holes for hooks

I placed mine about 2 inches apart

jewelry hooks as you can see..i got a little decorative with this board. I knew that the board would be more seen than the other one…and i was waiting for the hooks to dry and the paint was sitting there. necklace wall

I used 36 hooks…and most necklaces are doubled up…I was afraid if I put the hooks too close together it would look messy…but you could probably do about 1 1/2 inches and be fine!

necklace holder Then these babies got drilled into the wall…(A. Find the stud and drill into it…and B. use a level make sure it’s straight!)

necklace and scarf hanger diy

I added some vinyl…I told my husband that he could pick the word…I wanted something like glam or fancy or something like that..but since he shares this room with me..I thought I would toss him a little good will and let him feel like he belonged in the room with 1000 necklaces.

So he hemmed and hawed and shot around 40 different words.

and he finally comes over and is all…I have the word. It’s finish.

Finish huh. I totally think he’s all trying to motivate me to get my crap done. I am the queen of 90%. I get most everything about 90% and then I get bored and move on. So it seemed valid. But i’m sure he’s thinking of it in a male perspective…like FINISH HIM! Finish what you start..etc…but I shared a sneak peak on instagram (agirlandagluegun  follow me!)  and someone mentioned that the necklace and scarf is like the finishing touches of an outfit. So it all works.

add some vinyl lettering I only had one 12×24 piece of vinyl left (buy vinyl HERE) and I knew I wanted the finish pretty big…so I decided to cut it out by hand so I could make it all fit! So–just cause you don’t have an electronic cutter doesn’t mean you can’t get down with some vinyl. I sketched it on the back (backwards…that’s the hardest part….) and just cut it out! Then I  peeled off a piece on the top of each letter and stuck it to the well…then slowly peeled the backing off as I attached it to the wall. get ready station
organize all your accessories! now…on the  side is my earring holder

jewelry station

(made from an old message center) earring holder from old message board

and I keep a decorative bowl to keep my odds and ends in (don’t you worry…there is a WHOLE other pile of watches and bracelets.

jewelry bowl

So it’s really a great place to get ready.

It’s so crazy! ever since I finished this up…i can actually see what I have and wear more of it! and it’s a functional work of art! win win! necklace and scarf wall organizer a girl and a glue gun

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Kimbo blogs at A girl and a glue gun--where she puts her hot glue gun to good use (as well as her vinyl cutter and sewing machine) She loves all crafts and is thrifty (the nice way to say she's cheap) So she is constantly trying to come up with fast and easy projects that won't break the bank! She lives in Idaho with her hot husband and 3 kiddos.