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duck tape flowers

duck tape flowers these duck tape flowers are super stinking easy..and you can plop them on everything…headbands, pencils, notebooks, bags, magnets, birthday presents….okay…maybe not EVERYTHING…but a lot of things.

easy duck tape flower how to

I just pull out strips of duck tape and fold over…. and cut out scallops..or ridges.

ruffllles has rrridges. (do you guys remember that commercial or did I just age the crap out of myself?)

duct tape

then you cinnamon roll it.. (unofficial term).i add hot glue every few inches to keep it in place…after you get the middle all rolled you start gathering it with hot glue as you roll it to add a little more excitement to it…(I use this sweet baby from Adtech!) PicMonkey Collage duct tape 2 see how i gather it? i hot glue it then let it cool….then Roll it around. PicMonkey Collage duct tape for the purple one..

purple duck tape flower

I just cut out flower shapes in varying sizes… PicMonkey Collage duct

just layered them on top of each other and hot glue. DSC02392

and the green…

green duck tape flower how to these are petals that I hot glued it around… DSC02393


duck tape flower clip what will you stick a duck tape flower on??

duck tape flowers --3 fun ways

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