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photo ledges roundup

tomorrow I have a super fun diy tutorial on how to make these little ledges…they are super fun for packing in loads of pictures…and perfect for a kids room to hold all their books!  And I totally wanted to show you all the fun different ways they can be done and utilized….

photo ledges roundup cue awesome roundup:

this one started it off…it’s always been my favorite (the maker is my favorite as well) photowall1


everything about this is awesome…. Home-Decor-Inspiration-at-the36thavenue.com_


a monotone color scheme…mixing in art as well as pictures

img61o-1024x919 source

I really liked  the wall color with the big white frames and mats. 51xYNdp3-0L source

what a great use of a corner!

img63l source

some leaned..some hung…all in a color scheme! Gallery Wall Layout with IKEA frames source

above a couch!

8270838168_0f2bc7aae9_b source

all black and white!

b8a8b67f71277ef09a880051a8ba9978 source

this is fun…different sizes of photo ledges! livingroom12 source

an extra wide one to fit loads of frames on there!



framed maps…



these ledges are pppppeeerrrffect for books
img_9394 source

preschool corner (1 of 1) source


source playroom-bookcase-4


or to display a collection…

970c8e88f4f756ec29873e3d7cbcaba1 source

7_dearhancock source





source make-paperhouses01 source

or double duty it!!!

7416943590_f678e4f613_c source

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