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math art by mc esher …and the most random title ever.

my daughter brought home this fun artwork she did in math class…They were learning about tessellation and this is where I pretend to know something about math…which I do not. (i had to google tessellations)

I used to be good a math.


then i had kids.

but I will testify that I do have to use math quite a bit in sewing and cutting wood and angles and other random stuff that makes my eyes glaze over. So even if you are in high school and you say to yourself, “self, i don’t need math..i’m going to be a craft blogger when I grow up.” well slap yourself cause you need to wake up! Math is everywhere and in everything (unfortunately)


rant over.


geometric kids artwork

This did remind me of MC Escher artwork (and I do know about artwork. I managed to stay awake in this class)

front_art regular-division-of-the-plane-iv horses


Here’s how you do it..

You need some graph paper, a pencil, scissors, tape and a paper to draw on.

supplies needed

You cut out a square (it can be any size) and then draw a design on two sides. how to make an mc escher art work cut out each design and then tape it to the opposite side. (right across from it.) You can do this without grid paper…but it helps to line things up perfectly! (you can do a curve on these as well…we did a minnie and micki mouse one for my daughter! design for kids artwork

Then start tracing..

trace artwork for kids You will trace… then slide it over matching it up like a puzzle and trace it again. repeat until paper is covered!

Then color!

fun artwork for kids


They look really fun when it’s all colored in. My daughter loved doing this…pretty much the first math homework she actually liked doing! art class


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