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How to make a heart shaped cake..without a heart shaped pan!

Need an easy hack for a heart shaped cake so you don’t have to buy a cake pan that you will use once? (ironically..I was just at the thrift store and they had 3 heart cake pans for like a dollar…..oh the irony.)

learn to make a heart shape valentine cake without a heart pan!

You need to make a cake (I used a box cake…cause i’m fancy like that) and pour it into a square container and a circle container near the same size! (these are just glass storage containers!–make sure to check the bottom to make sure they are oven safe!)

circle pan and square pan we have these snapware containers (which we LOVE) but they have a perfect circle and square size.

You could also just cook in a normal pyrex and cut into squares and a pie pan…or make tiny individual ones and use a circle cookie cutter!

Then you will want to put them in the fridge. When they are cold they cut better without all the crumbs! and they are easier to ice!

I trim off the top to make them level…

trim off top of cake to make it even

Cut the circle in half and turn the square and piece it together!

how to make a heart shaped cake

You can trim out as needed….then ice! I like to put frosting in a sandwich baggie and cut the tip off with scissors to ¬†add the words!

valentine heart cake

devour! happy valentines day!

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