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Are you ready for some football!? (superbowl game!)

yeah..me neither.

but it’s coming…so let’s play a game to keep us busy while we wait for the commercials!!!

Let’s name the 32 teams!  I am forced to listen to WAY too much football…(I say listen cause i’m usually on Pinterest during games)

and I was able to get about 21….

superbowl football game--free printable

My 9 year old son got all but 1–dang those RAMS! (can we take a minute to talk about my kids spelling. it’s horrible and cute all in one!) name all the afc and nfc football teams game

my husband got the nfc done in one minute and 17 seconds…(and listed them all on the afc side) #youhadONEjob

but the other side took about 5 minutes and he forgot the buffalo bills!!

Here are the printables…a regular way and one broken up my division (if you are a real football aficionado.)

What’s YOUR favorite team???

football teams free printable FOOTBALL TEAMS list game for superbowl a girl and a glue gun

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