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Snowman snacks…

For some reason (okay..olaf reason) I am so diggin on snowman (or snowWoman) this year!


And so…the snowman snack was born.

snowman snacks

like a trail mix bar–you let each kid have a little bag (you can find cute treat bags at the dollar store!) and then they add a spoonful of whatever they want to create their own unique treat!

snowman body part treats--great for christmas parties

snowman buttons gum drops

you could use gum drops, fruit loops,

snowman eyes using whoppers

you could use milk duds, whoppers, chocolate cereal, raisins, chocolate chips

snowman mouth with black jelly beans

You could use black jelly beans, chocolate chips, raisins, they have this fun coal candy you could use! snowman nose with cheetos

okay…i hate Cheetos…but they were out of the orange jelly beans– which I really wanted to use! and you could also use candy corn! snowman hat rolo You could use Rolos, Hershey nuggets, Reeses Peanut butter cups.

snowman scarf candy

You could use laffy taffy, airheads, These are sour strips.

snowman arms pretzel

snowman arms–you could use pretzels..and um..pretzels?

snowman parts candy

you could use marshmallows, yogurt drops, cotton candy, corn pops,



You could also throw them all in a bowl

snowman snack mix


here are your free printables!!!

snowman snack mix bar snowman snack snowman snacks

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