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Halloween pixelated shirt with glow in the dark fabric paint

This post is written as part of a sponsored campaign with The Blueprint Social and Tulip. all opinions are my own!

I love wearing halloween costumes! I love to go allllll out. But we literally have about 7 different halloween functions each october and when you are painting your face for each one it can be a bit much.–not to mention the zits I break out in by using halloween paint. So I love having a festive shirt that I can wear instead (and admittable…I love this shirt so much I WILL wear it year round!)

It’s a fun pixelated shirt that GLOWS in the dark with Tulip glow paint! pix-elated glow in the dark shirt for halloween
I got these fun glow in the dark paints and black like paint from Tulip in the mail—and a blacklight (boy did we have fun with that!!) You can see how they glow so good! glow in the dark tulip paint

(the black light paint is even more neon….and really glows under the black light–the above picture is just my pantry with the door closed!)

I stumbled upon  this AMAZIng pixelated skull (hours of pinteresting will  unearth some cool crap!) (and just regular crap too)

9b4bae6efb0b93bf50cd91c109eab33c ….so I pulled out my black shirt and got crack- alacking.

I lightly sketched out what I wanted….decided that each square would be a centimeter and measured it out. then I just started. it’s mirror image…so whatever I did on one side got the same color on the other side!!! ( I sketched it out with chalk–so it just rubbed off) pixelated skull

and let dry! I blobbed mine on pretty thick so it took overnight to dry.

It was totally fun to create. The paint came out perfect. Nice and slow and not clumpy! and it’s totally not stiff now that’s dry (it’s a pretty solid design of thick paint…so I thought it would be heavy and crack. but it totally bends and moves with no problems! tulip paint glow in the dark fabric shirt

They would be the perfect thing for kids to decorate their own shirt ..or pumpkin…or personalized trick or treat bag!!! ideas are endless….because everything that glows in the dark is instantly awesomer!  pixelated skull glow in the dark paint t-shirt It’s seriously one of my favorite new shirts!

glow in the dark shirts

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