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Bloody cupcakes…..

If you know anything about me…it’s this.  I suck at hard projects. I lack the precision…the patience…and practice.

I don’t like any of it.

I like fast. easy. and quick.

So when it comes to going to halloween parties..I want to be able to take a fun treat…..that doesn’t involve me throwing fondant against the wall (true story)

oh…let me share this photo from our fun bakefest last christmas…

1503822_10201197009433665_1527342083_n exactly.

I decided to make some fun bloody cupcakes..and then at the grocery store found these candy knives…and  it just all fell in to place!!!

bloody cupcakes...really easy halloween treat

ingredients…. bloody cupcakes ingredients red velvet…cause it’s creepier.. make according to instructions. And ice…(I put mine in a sandwich baggie and cut a corner with scissors…cause i’m legit like that.)

when you are done icing it with white…I pop the icing container in the microwave for 5-10 seconds and melt that sucker up.

Add food color (in the bottle not the little squeezy things …they will just turn it pink!)  You don’t need for much icing..it will be nice and runny… how to make runny icing.

you just take a spoon an start dripping and splattering…(I had mine on a wax paper sheet so I could go with reckless abandon)

close up of easy halloween treat

Then add a knife….

bloody cupcakes. fix a really easy halloween dessert perfect for any party!

(they have gummy body parts in the candy section— you could stick on an eyeball, a finger, an ear..what have you!)

how to decorate a fun halloween cupcake

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