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For when life gives you lemons….

Dolen diaries posted this cute idea a few weeks back…



and I loved it with my whole heart. You know..sometimes you have people in your life that is having a bad go at things. It happens…And I always want to do something-just to let them know I’m thinking about them. And this was just that thing!!! (I also love that I don’t have to bake anything..which is my usually go to for people)


So I created a few printables with you (with permission from miss shelly (love her)).

when life gives you lemon gift and printable

I also love this…cause it reminds me of Snap! Alex Boye sang this song to us….and I totally love it–(warning..it will get stuck in you head!!)


lemon printables You could also stick it on a bag of sugar….

when life gives you lemons

i found these lemon drops too…

lemon drops

here are the printables:  lemonade lemons when life gives you lemons free printables and just because it makes me laugh:

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