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edible pencils…cause why not start the year off WRITE…with chocolate.


My kids went to school today! As much as I love those three little kids…I’m so excited to have them out of  my house!!! I love summer…but I feel like i’m a bad mom if i’m not constantly entertaining them…which makes it hard to do much else! So with my first year with all my kids in school free time I will (hopefully) get more crap done!!!!


That being said…Had to make a fun first day of school treat! edible pencils!!!

pretzels pencils for back to school

These are yummy…and easy….and you can gift them out to teachers, neighbors, and friends!!!

dipped pretzels into pencils

i bought these candy melts at walmart as well as the pretzels (they have the candy  melts at joanns as well!


you just have to melt the chips down and dip! I added a few red chips to the leftover of the yellow to make my pink eraser color!!

I didn’t really finish  the ends…because I knew they were going into a cup and wouldn’t be seen.

But you could add a chocolate chip to end to make it look sharpened!

first day of school treat--pencil preztels

you can use the tags from here


back to school printables

You can also use this YOU’RE SO SHARP tag! get the printable HERE

IMG_8457_webcopy or this one would be perfect as well!!! pencil tilt-1

cheers to the public school system.


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