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Apples for the teacher…or you. or me.

I have a yummy apple treat today for you….but first — a riddle:

what is black and white and read all over?

a newspaper.

what is black and white and red all over?

red candy dipped oreos…..made to look like APPLES!
apples for the teacher bouquet

They are FANTASTICALLY yummy.

I should know…I ate wayyyy too many of them.

I paired with a bunch of my favorite bloggers to display a bunch of apple themed projects:



1. Individual Caramel Apple Pies from Handmade in the Heartland

2. Caramel Apple Parfait from Just Us Four

3. DIY Apple Chalkboard Teacher Gift from A Glimpse Inside

4. Apples of Gold Printable from All Things with Purpose

5. How to Make a Simple Caramel Apple from Sugar Bee Crafts

6. Oreo Apples Bouquet for Teachers from A Girl and a Glue Gun

7. Modern Apple Cross Stitch from Do Small Things with Love

8. Apple Cinnamon Cupcakes from Made to Be a Momma

9. Vintage Apple Sign from Carissa Miss

10. Caramel Apple Funnel Cakes from This Silly Girl’s Life

11. Easy Clay Snow White Pendant and Apple Earrings from Seven Thirty Three

12. Stenciled Apple Pillow from One Krieger Chick

make sure to check those out…cause those ladies are pure awesomeness…

okay..back to my treat..

oreo dipped apples for teacher

Here’s what you need: green air heads, oreos (double stuffed in mandatory…the one direction kind is optional)  lollipop sticks and candy melts (everything can be found at walmart!!) how to make oreo dipped in chocolate apples

You  need to shove the lollipop stick in the yummy white stuff of the oreo (this is why you need double stuffed (on top of the fact that they ARE the best)  the extra stuffing fits the stick perfectly. Press on the cookies to make sure the stick is stuck inside.

Then take some clean shears and cut the airhead into little leaves, and stems.

Melt the red candy melts. Dip in the oreo on a stick and with a spoon you are going to make sure the oreo gets covered. Then pull it out and let the excess drip off and place in a Styrofoam (or a box with holes in it.)

oreo dipped into apples back to school treat
stick in the air heads while candy is still melted.

after they harden….eat them.

oreo dipped apple for teachers --back to school!

or give to a teacher….or you could eat them.

I did make some printables if you aren’t selfish and want to share the yumminess. apple free printable tag apple snack an apple for the teacher apple first week printable oreos dipped into apples with free teacher appreciation printable

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